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Sideways Band







Sideways Duo are

Peter Buxton guitar vocals

Richard Smith Harmonica

Sideways are a Blues Jazz Duo who  revel in the joys

of playing live.

Harmonica, guitar and vocals intertwine with an energised and varied  repertoire of atmospheric songs

with a sprinkling of original numbers.

Peter Buxton - solo artist, writer  ( & former front man for

Herding Catz Bluesband ) combines with

Richard Smith, virtuoso master of the harp in every sense.

They present a unique and energised interpretation of songs you know,  together with original material presented with a passion for great music . Their coming together by chance has enabled their considerable joint energy and skills to make an impact on the SW music scene.  Both have toured extensively in the UK and abroad.

Some lively passionately played music, humour &

engaging stories are assured.

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Welcome to the official site for Sideways


Peter Buxton Guitar  Vocals 

Singer songwriter


Combining an unmatched passion for music with an energy and commitment to the best in music,  Sideways have built a solid following by word of mouth   in both the South West of England and the High Peak District where he is from. 

As an experienced musician, mover and shaker, 

Peters writing paints a picture and develops with the listener to produce reflection, emotion and close observation into the people,  places and relationships that surround him.

This is usually accompanied with a dose of wry ironic  humour.  

Here, on the Site you can stay up to date on latest developments on live gigs, blogs news and personal views, along with sparkling new songs. They may be about romance, the difficulties of life or just about everyday simple things that are easily taken for granted.

 Alwaysto using creative music to look at life in a Sideways fashion.

From romantic, to the day to day mundane


All About Peter Buxton

Peter Buxton is a singer songwriter now relocated from the Peak District of Derbyshire to the beautiful coastal landscape of Dorset.

what could be more inspirational?

He has an innovative approach to his songs and musical profile, fuelled by the buzzing London   cultural scene of his wilder years,  which contrasts with  the different world of the Northern landscape, trains and pits  he grew up with.

His songs often speak or observe the ironies of the landscape and relationships he sees around him.

Fluently moving between genres, Indie songwriting and Blues / Jazz play a great part in his creativity.

His songs often speak with sharpness and observations about  the landscapes ans relationships he is surrounded by.

Peter is essentially a live performance musician, and loves to draw people into a close, engaging relationship.
He has performed around the

UK & Europe for many years.

Contact him direct now to discuss

bespoke bookings for festivals,

music clubs ( Folk Blues & Jazz)

other listening venues, and private parties for any occasion.

You can check him out on Spotify Amazon Youtube and I tunes -

He loves to keep music live.


Behind the Scenes With Peter Buxton

Music is the Journey

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Peter Buxton loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Peter  has always found great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative music process. Take a look around the site to get to know more about Peter, or get in touch.


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